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We’re building a world where the combined work of people and machines makes life better in every way.

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Our Mission  We provide manufacturers and other industry sectors with insights into the health of machines, processes, and operations to transform how people work and what they can create. A pioneer in Machine Health and Process Health solutions, we use purpose-built AI, trained by industry experts and the world’s largest data library, to help customers eliminate production downtime, improve process efficiency, maximize yield, and reduce waste and emissions. Augury’s global customers achieve 3-10x ROI, often in a matter of months.

Eliminate production downtime

Improve process efficiency

Maximize yield

Reduce waste and emissions

We’re Just Getting Started


The start of Production Health

Augury acquires Seebo to launch the Production Health category with an AI-driven view into the machines, processes, and operations



Augury becomes a unicorn

We raise $180 million in Series E to become one of the first industrial AI unicorns



First manufacturing loss avoided

First machine failure saves millions using prescriptive AI



The start of Machine Health

Augury jump starts the Machine Health category with the first prescriptive AI machine diagnostics solution



First beta program starts

Augury launches Auguscope, the first smartphone-connected machine health product in the US



Augury is founded

Gal Shaul and Saar Yoskovitz launch the company in Israel


Our Values

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People first

Relationships count. With our peers and customers, strong relationships are how we overcome any challenge.

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Own it

We get things done. We’re not intimidated by a challenge. We move the needle and focus on what matters. 

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Grow with it

Prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. We look towards the horizon and focus on building our foundations.

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Embrace it

No plan survives the test of time. We embrace the unknown and work through it by constantly iterating and adjusting.

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Enjoy it

We bring passion and enthusiasm to everything we do. We are motivated, even in the face of adversity.

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Question it

Data, not opinions. We question all assumptions and constantly innovate for the best outcomes.

Do Something You Love. Do Something That Matters.

We’re a hybrid global company. Augurians are agile, creative, and passionate about building meaningful products that can change the world.

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Industry Recognition

Frost & Sullivan: 2023 Company of the Year

Augury has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Company of the Year Award for Global Industrial Analytics Solutions.

“Frost & Sullivan finds Augury’s transparent, seamless, and customer-centric approach and close relationships position it as a preferred partner of choice in the market.” Check out the full award report here.”

About Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices Award

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