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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of machines can Augury diagnose?

    Augury uses a variety of sensors to diagnose a wide range of equipment in a facility or industrial production line. These machines can be critical, semi-critical, non-critical, difficult to access, or unsafe to access. This includes rotating equipment (for example: electric motors, pumps, fans, and compressors), non-rotating equipment, and unique processing applications. Reach out to an Augury professional today for a comprehensive assessment of your application.

    What data are you monitoring with your sensors?

    Augury’s Halo and Scope solutions use a patent-pending combination of vibration, temperature, ultrasound, and magnetic field sensor data.

    My machines are brand new. Is there still value in monitoring them?

    Yes, monitoring new machines frequently uncovers hidden problems. Machines are most vulnerable when they are first installed and turned on, and when they are nearing the end of their expected useful life. New machines may suffer from internal defects, improper installation, improper commissioning, damage from shipping, and a variety of other issues that may significantly shorten their useful life or cause downtime upon failure.

    Will Augury’s platform work with my existing software platforms? For example, my existing CMMS, EAM, SCADA, or APM system.

    Yes. Augury’s platform is meant to integrate with external software platforms. We already integrate with a variety of the most common software platforms, and have a team of engineers to enable integration into the systems you use everyday.

    How much does Augury’s solution cost?

    Augury’s pricing model is simple. Our solution is a turnkey annual service billed on a per machine per year basis. We do not sell hardware, but instead deliver Diagnostics as a Service which includes all sensors, software, connectivity, installation, support, updates, and unlimited diagnostics for a flat per machine fee.