Transforming How People Work- Together

Augury’s network of partners and alliances is creating, delivering, and amplifying a wide range of solutions and benefits. We’re making Production Health more achievable, powerful, and innovative for customers across industries and geographies.

Augury Partners
Industrial OEM

Working with leading OEMs to enable digital-first machines and business models


Enabling seamless integration of Machine Health with key technology platforms

Strategy and Systems Integration

Shaping digital strategies with the world’s top industrial consultants

Services and Facility Management

Driving insight-enabled mechanical and facility management services

Global Delivery

Ensuring seamless deployment of Machine Health globally with trusted delivery partners

Ecosystem Extension

Transforming the Machine Health market with leading partners

What Our Partners Say

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are transforming how we access and consume water…

Together we will make water and pump systems more reliable, sustainable and resilient for years to come. Furthermore, together we can use our capabilities to create something new, adding more value to our customers based on our joint expertise.

Fredrik Östbye

Our goal is to offload as much of the logistics burden as possible from our customers so they can focus on doing what matters most–

delivering the products and services their customers need… Now in partnership with Augury we can extend that value deeper into the manufacturing process itself, helping customers improve supply chain resilience and reducing the costs associated with having to maintain inventories of spare parts and the risks of not being able to get the parts they need when they need them.

Ofir Bronhaim
HSB Testimonial

This represents the perfect coupling of technology and financial services products that is not common in the insurance industry today, but which we believe will be more prevalent in the future.

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