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Augury’s Commitment

Our teams provide strategic, technical, and product expertise to make sure you get the most out of Augury.

Augury’s Commitment

Our experts help guide your predictive maintenance journey to give you a solution that grows with you and provides value at scale.

Our Services

Customer Success

Helps you develop long-term strategies so you can measure your overall success.

Reliability Success

Determines the criticality of your rotating assets and gives context on your machine alerts and recommended fixes.

CAT III and IV Vibration

Delivers real-time collaboration and feedback so your AI insights meet your business priorities.

Technical Customer Support

Gives you access to the expertise you need to efficiently resolve service requests.

Field Team

Works with you from installation and beyond as your on-the-ground resource.

Augury Academy

Provides 200+ hours of technical training and on-demand tutorials.

Augury Community

Our online community offers opportunities to network with your peers, share your successes, and build your team’s skills.

What Our Customers Say

Since implementing Augury and 24/7 machine monitoring, we have drastically reduced unplanned downtime and also found some gaps in our maintenance strategy.

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Augury vibration analysts are the subject matter experts – not Colgate. We have very few people who could understand what a waveform means. It’s like looking at an EKG for your heart.

I could look at a YouTube video and try to figure something out, but I don’t know what that means. They are the experts, and they’re building domain expertise across different assets and different industries, not just Colgate. That’s really powerful.

Gary Binstock

The beauty of Augury’s system is that it is always listening.

Whether there is someone on site or not, once a machine is fitted with end-points and connected to the router, it starts running and then gets checked 24/7/365. The feedback from the reliability experts is prompt and more often than not they will guide you to where the problem might be as well as offering remedies to correct.

Bluetooth sensors require a person with a smartphone to collect the data, and wired sensors come with a high price tag.

But the wireless sensor solution we’re now using automates that data collection and analysis—monitoring vibration, magnetic flux (energy use) and surface temperature. When issues arise, reliability professionals remotely alert and collaborate with our plant teams as needed.

Warren Pruitt
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The Augury team’s expertise and flexibility helped speed our adoption and is strengthening our understanding of machine data all the time.

We do our jobs better–and we sleep better.

Adi Segal