Machine Health Solutions

Advanced Solutions
To Reduce Downtime,
Lower Costs and
Increase Resilience

Augury’s Machine Health solutions create a real-time, prescriptive source of truth for the health
and performance of industrial assets. From the plant floor to the executive office, we provide
insights to help you transform the way you manage and maintain your critical assets by predicting
and preventing machine failures.

End-to-End Solution That Delivers Benefits from the
Plant Floor to the Executive Office

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Eliminate Unplanned

Prescriptive diagnostics take predictive
maintenance to the next level, helping
you know what, when and how to
remediate issues before they cause

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Align maintenance, reliability and
operations teams around a common set
of machine health data and insights so
teams can make better decisions

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Your Assets

Compare asset performance across
facilities, and integrate mechanical and
operational data to identify untapped
potential and root causes of failure.

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Systemic Risks

Get insights into the performance of
your assets and production lines
across facilities. Set facility benchmarks
and make comparisons against industry

Prioritize and Act
and Act

Drive your daily maintenance, reliability
and operations stand-ups and schedules
with intuitive dashboards and
prescriptive diagnostics into the current
health state of your machines.

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Enable Condition-Based Maintenance

Transform Maintenance End to End,
Lowering costs and increasing
productivity by basing maintenance plans
on with real-time machine data, not
generalized guidelines.

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