Flip This Factory

Building Less Wasteful, More Sustainable Production

James Newman

Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing, Augury

Allison Kuhn

Research Analyst, LNS

If you’re eager to enhance throughput, maintain quality and yield, all while minimizing waste and fostering sustainability, we’re here to assist. Consider this your opportunity to participate actively in achieving these goals.

Similar to how modern renovations prioritize green building materials and seek LEED certifications, your factory transformation should prioritize waste reduction, energy efficiency, and emission control. But inefficient machines, poor processes, and uncontrolled shutdowns won’t get you there.

In this Flip This Factory webisode, we spotlight the power of data-driven decision-making, coupled with the assistance of AI and IoT. Join us as we dissect the strategies outlined in the blueprints to:

  • Enhance production line efficiency and predictability, thereby reducing waste and scrap
  • Dynamically manage and decrease raw material and input usage through process optimization
  • Align these initiatives with overarching business objectives encompassing sustainability, cost-effectiveness, quality, and yield

You’ll leave the webinar with best practices from manufacturing and sustainability thought leaders, plus ebooks, industry reports, and more!

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