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Design Your Own Downtime

Terry LeDoux, a man in a suit and tie, is posing for a photo.
Terry LeDoux

Former VP of Digital Manufacturing, Nestle Purina Pet Care Zone AMS

Dave Penrith, a man in a purple shirt, is posing for a photo.
Dave Penrith

Former Global Chief Engineer

Angela Santillo

Content Lead,

Facility efficiency suffers when unexpected and avoidable disruptions occur. These disturbances not only affect financial performance but also jeopardize worker well-being, overall company spirit, and more. A recent Plant Services report disclosed that 40% of manufacturers face unscheduled downtime either weekly or monthly. Additionally, 34% identified unplanned downtime as the primary obstacle to achieving production targets.

In this webisode of Flip This Factory, we’re delving into the core, focusing on revitalizing machine health through a proactive maintenance approach.

The discussion will encompass the utilization of purpose-built AI and Industrial IoT to:

  • Enhance your production and maintenance scheduling
  • Boost capacity, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and release capital
  • Reduce operational expenditures
  • Enhance safety protocols and employee morale

You will also gain insights on:

  • Assessing technological solutions
  • Moving past the challenges of initial testing phases
  • Generating tangible value with a widespread impact on your business

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