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Does Your Spare Parts Storage Bring You Joy?

A woman with gray hair in a red shirt named Sigal.
Sigal Mannheim Katzovich

Managing Director Israel, DSV

A man in a blue polo named Adi Segal smiles for the camera.
Adi Segal

Head of Maintenance & Service Department, BAZAN Group

Angela Santillo

Content Lead,

Dealing with persistent supply chain challenges has turned the whole spare parts game into a bit of a headache, hasn’t it? Prices have skyrocketed in the past few years, and waiting times for parts range from 28 to 50 weeks. Manufacturers are left with the dilemma of either stockpiling parts for those “just in case” moments or finding themselves in a bind when parts are urgently required. Sound familiar?

But fear not! In this Flip This Factory webisode, we’re diving into the depths of your storage facility and all those secret spots where you’ve stashed spare parts, just waiting for equipment gremlins to strike. We’re here to unveil how an AI and IoT-powered asset care strategy can:

We’re here to unveil how an AI and IoT-powered asset care strategy can:

  • Anticipate the precise inventory you need on hand
  • Fine-tune your spare parts budget
  • Safeguard the longevity of your machines

Tune in for an exciting session where we’ll harness the power of predictive maintenance to streamline your maintenance activities and declutter with a purpose. Get ready for a joyous journey as we make spare parts management a breeze!

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