Flip This Factory

Planning for More Output

Ed Ballina, a man in a blue shirt with a mustache.
Ed Ballina

Founder of OpEx Consultant; Former VP of Manufacturing and Warehousing at PepsiCo

A man named Adam Kilgore smiling in front of a beige background.
Adam Kilgore

Maintenance and Reliability Leader, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Chris Dobbrow

VP, Strategic Business Development 


Beneath the surface of your operations lies a trove of hidden gems, much like discovering hardwood under linoleum. The challenge? These treasures often remain elusive when production schedules are hampered by breakdowns and scheduled shutdowns. Outdated processes further compound the issue, making continuous improvement seem like an uphill battle. The consequence? Poor forecasting, material shortages, and a cascade of problems leading to wasted products, unmet production goals, lost market share, and a dent in your reputation.

In this Flip This Factory webisode, we’re turning the spotlight on those concealed riches within your equipment and processes. Unearthing these gems requires a strategic approach to optimize the yield and capacity of your production.

So, let’s get hands-on as we delve into AI-driven actionable insights and chart a course for:

  • Achieving higher output
  • Boosting revenue and margins
  • Securing a better market share
  • Enhancing product safety and quality compliance
  • Overall reduction in manufacturing costs

Join us for an engaging session where we’ll unlock the potential within your operations and set the stage for a brighter, more efficient future!

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