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Improve maintenance, increase uptime, and keep workers safe with predictive and prescriptive machine health insights.

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Meet ESG goals while increasing input by discovering, preventing, and diagnosing process inefficiencies with process health insights.

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Align IT and OT so machines, processes, and plants are more efficient, productive, and profitable.


Driving Innovation with
Predictive Maintenance

In less than a year, DuPont has achieved 7x ROI at their proof-of-concept sites and is continuing to improve operations by rolling out Augury across all their businesses.

Warren Pruitt
When we look at our pillars around growth, efficiency and sustainability, really Augury is helping us drive all three components because we can run our plants more efficiently, reduce unplanned downtime, manage our quality performance a little bit better as well as deliver our products for both the health and hygiene for the people around the world.
Warren Pruitt
Integrating Augury’s data into our existing technology stack, starting with our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), allows us to put the user first. We’re focused on simplifying our teams’ experience with the technology. Because the point of data is to take action, having it on a single interface puts everything at their fingertips.
In our implementations so far, we’ve had 100% accuracy in our predictions. We’ve had no misses.
Jim Hunt
An aging workforce is a challenge every manufacturing organization faces. We have a lot of senior employees who have worked at a plant for 30 or 40 years who have knowledge and expertise in their head, but are retiring. Data and AI can help us to know when something’s wrong with the machine in cases where previously we would have relied heavily on guidance from these senior employees.

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Average ROI within months
Accurate guaranteed diagnostics
Up to 90%
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