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Success Stories

Process Health Helps Lindt Reach a New Level of Production Efficiency

Lindt Hero image
Food & Beverage
“This is a strategic solution for us to reach a new level of production efficiency. We can continue to produce the best chocolate in the world while meeting the growing demand for our products.
Thomas Scheidgen

WATCH: Lindt + Augury

Increasing Throughput and Quality with Process Health

Lindt is constantly adjusting processes and machines to accommodate changing properties of incoming materials and maintain a very stable environment for their product.

Augury’s insights into process health helped Lindt further optimize already efficient production lines and lower maintenance costs. This not only gives Lindt an edge on output, but also enables their process engineers and operators to make data-driven decisions about how to act if issues do occur.

Seebo [now part of Augury] is constantly developing the solution and adding new features that simplify and improve our analysis procedures.

With this solution, we have achieved significant optimization and throughput and quality objectives.

Dir.-Ing. Miriam Müller
The biggest benefit of Augury’s Process Health Solution is that it’s very innovative.

It helps us with basic cause analysis and gives us an edge on output, but at the same time it enables people that are actually operating the machines to make much better decisions about what to do next in case there’s a problem.

Thomas Scheidgen