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Superior Machine Insights Help Colgate-Palmolive Reimagine a Healthier Future for All

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With the help of Augury, Colgate-Palmolive Company and its brands are digitally transforming their manufacturing operations to improve efficiency and meet global demand.

At one of Colgate-Palmolive’s leading brands, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Augury’s Machine Health Solutions are optimizing their maintenance program so they can continue to reimagine a healthier future for all people, their pets, and the planet.

We have seen immediate value from the introduction of Augury’s platform.

Within the first six weeks, we had two machine health events that basically paid for the entire fit-out of that plant for the entire year. What stood out about the Hill’s Pet adoption of Augury in their six facilities — which are 100% fitted out today — is that they really took the learnings and the technology to a different level.

Warren Pruitt
Warren Pruitt

WATCH: Hill’s Pet Nutrition + Augury

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Augury are the experts, but they’re not just working with Colgate. They’re working with other companies.

We might have 10 mixers in a plant. Maybe they’re looking at 10,000 mixers, so they’re building domain expertise across these different assets. That’s really powerful.

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