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Osem-Nestlé is
Transforming Operations
with Data-Driven Insights


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“Whenever we prevent a failure, of course we prevent everything that comes from that. We reduce the amount of labor time, machine time, we reduce all the inputs that are used in our operating machines—including energy, water, and gas emissions. Any improvement we have in operation and the reduction of the inputs is helping us meet our sustainability goals. We really feel that we have a partner in Augury and this has made it very, very successful.” Gofna Liss-Rubin, Open Innovation Manager, Osem-Nestlé

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“We have very saturated production lines. So one of our biggest challenges is mitigating unplanned stops. Augury’s solution has enabled us to predict problems before they happen.” Gal Levy, Former Director of Operational Excellence
“Augury is helping the team in daily tasks. The team comes in, they check, they can see that there are no special alerts, and they can be free to handle their planned tasks instead of dealing with unexpected breakdowns. It has improved both our efficiency and also our confidence.” Meir Lousky, Maintenance Manager