A New Era of Efficiency is Coming

Machine Health Critical (MH CR)

Eliminating Downtime is
Just the Beginning

You want to know the precise health status of your critical equipment, what issues are happening, why they’re happening, what to fix to avoid catastrophic machine failures, and how to safely make those fixes.

Built for Your Most
Critical Assets

With Machine Health for Critical Assets (MH CR), we combine reliability expertise with purpose-built AI and continuous sensing so you can rely on the machines that matter the most and know how they are performing 24/7

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State of the Art

Hardware and IoT deployment

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Fully prescriptive AI-based analytics, 99.9%+ accuracy

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Cloud-based platform and integrations into EAM workflows

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Strategic, technical, and product support from our services team

The Augury Advantage

Collaborate with Reliability Experts

Our team of experts partner with you every step of the way, from the moment your program starts to realizing your value at scale

Collaborate with reliability experts
Fully Prescriptive and Validated Diagnostics

Tells you specifically what to fix, how urgently you need to fix it, what actions to take and why, 24/7/365

Fully Prescriptive and Validated Diagnostics
Deep Analysis Tools

Teams can access advanced vibration, temperature, and magnetic data analysis toolsets to conduct deeper analysis and comparison

Deep analysis tools

What Our Customers Say

We prevented the drive from failing due to overheating, which would’ve stopped the tube production line and incurred replacement costs.

We figure the savings at 192 hours of downtime and an output of 2.8 million tubes of toothpaste, plus $12,000 for a new motor and $27,000 in variable conversion costs.

Warren Pruitt
Eyal Yaffe

Machine Health changed the way ICL approaches reliability by improving the visibility of our machines’ performance.

With Augury, ICL looks to continue being an innovator in the market, delivering value to customers around the globe.

Eyal Yaffe
Pharma - global hygiene

Augury has been instrumental in reducing, if not eliminating, unplanned failures in our critical equipment. As a maintenance planner, this has allowed me to get out of “firefighter mode” and better focus on planned maintenance tasks.

Further, Augury is leading us into the next level of precision maintenance, which will make our equipment last longer and lead to an overall reduction in downtime.

Facility manager MH-CR

By predicting when maintenance should be performed in a piece of equipment before it actually fails, we’ve been able to avoid major problems and downtime in our manufacturing operations.

Continuous vibration monitoring is also helping us to learn and have a better understanding of the ‘health’ of our critical equipment.