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What if your solution did more than predict failure… what if it came with a diagnostic accuracy guarantee?

Other AI Solutions Offer Promises. We Offer Guarantees.

Machine failures are expensive. That’s why Augury, in partnership with HSB, a Munich Re company, offers Guaranteed Diagnostics™ – the industry’s leading diagnostic accuracy guarantee that includes production downtime compensation due to undetected machine health events. Currently available to new customers at no additional cost for one year, it’s another layer of protection against machine failure so you can reduce overall downtime and its impact on your productivity and revenue.

Risk at the Machine Level

Counting on your critical machines to never fail means more than just preventing downtime–it’s also about avoiding catastrophic failures that wreak havoc on your maintenance budget and increase your business risk.

Bottling plant, compression failure
Pharma plant, fluid pump failure
Apartment complex, screw-type chiller failure
Uplevel Your Team Across Skill Sets
Risk at the Production Level

You need a solution you can trust–one that assures uninterrupted production. That’s why we have introduced innovative production downtime compensation to cover expenses from specific undetected machine health events. We’ve also expanded coverage across production-related critical rotating assets.

65 Distinct Machine Types
Covered by Augury
Risk at the Business Level

How it Works

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In Partnership with HSB

AI-based diagnostics on eligible equipment are covered by a repair/replace warranty

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Accuracy Guarantee

Customers will be compensated up to 100K per machine, per incident (maximum coverage 150k per machine, per year) if Augury doesn’t detect specific health events when the machine’s status is in “acceptable” or “monitor” status.

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Industry Leading Diagnostics

Industry leading guaranteed AI adds financial protection to the world’s most powerful Machine Health solution 

What Our Customers Say

HSB Testimonial

HSB has a long history of reducing and insuring risk, and a focus on new technologies to prevent loss.

Together, HSB and Augury can help provide customers with the information, insights and confidence to improve their performance.

CB Insights, IoT Technology for Risk Management and Claims

The strength of its offering, its blue-chip industrial clients, and investment from Leading Insurance Venture Capital Groups establish Augury as a leader in commercial IoT solutions.

HSB Testimonial

This represents the perfect coupling of technology and financial services products that is not common in the insurance industry today, but which we believe will be more prevalent in the future.

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