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Transform the way you work

Transform the Way You Work

Reduce Loss, Waste, and Emissions with Augury

Reduce Loss, Waste, and Emissions

Optimize Asset Care with Augury

Optimize Asset Care

Maximize yield and capacity with Augury

Maximize Yield and Capacity

Eliminate unnecessary Downtime

Eliminate Unnecessary Downtime

By Industry

Steel Production Health


Pulp & paper hero

Pulp & Paper Products

Plastics Hero


Pharma Hero image


An aerial view of a sand pit in the mining industry.

Metals & Mining

Glass Hero


A close up image of a tree trunk in the forest.

Forest Products

An industrial machine filled with beer bottles.

Food & Beverage

Energy Hero


A conveyor belt with boxes of consumer packaged goods on it in a warehouse.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Auguscope- Commercial Services Hero

Commercial Services

A group of pipes carrying chemicals in a factory.


A conveyor belt is being used to sift building materials.

Building Materials & Cement