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Augury CEO Interviewed From The Floor Of The New York Stock Exchange

Saar Yoskovitz overlooking the NYSE floor with screens filled with Augury logos.

On NYSE Floor Talk, Augury’s Saar Yoskovitz talked about the need to keep supply chains untangled and how he envisioned the future of the manufacturing industry.

“Whether it’s coming out of a pandemic or geopolitical issues, there’s a growing understanding of the huge effect supply chains have on the larger economy,” said Augury Co-Founder and CEO Saar Yoskovitz during an interview on NYSE Floor Talk. “So, we really need to leverage new technologies to be as productive as possible.”

NYSE Floor Talk is a taped interview segment from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and is shared on the NYSE’s social channels. Hosted by Judy Khan Shaw, the show is renowned for giving innovative business leaders the opportunity to discuss timely topics, initiatives and milestones

Augury Co-Founder and CEO Saar Yoskovitz was a guest on March 17th to discuss how Augury is continuing to lead in transforming manufacturing. The conversations covered everything from the importance of supply chains to the economy, to how digital solutions can make companies more productive and sustainable.

New York Stock Exchange with the Augury logo on all the large screens.

Profit, Planet and People Can All Win

“Companies for the past century or so have been faced with the dilemma: I can focus on productivity and profitability, but this comes at the cost of the planet and the environment, or the people in the workforce,” said Saar. “We believe it doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game anymore. By leveraging technology like ours, we can become more profitable while reducing waste and upskilling your workforce.”

However, we still need to work hard to attract the next generation of workers, according to Saar. “We’re seeing a shift in the market where it’s really hard to find qualified manufacturing talent today. So how do we pull in the next generation of workers? We have to change the marketing perception of what manufacturing work is – that we’re leveraging new tools, new technologies and working with AI. And that’s the only way to really usher in the next generation of workers in this field.


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