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Early AI Adopter Gets The Worm: Manufacturer Saves Millions During Baker Hughes Pilot 

Sequoia Murray, Bently Nevada Global Customer Success Leader, Baker Hughes, demonstrates new system.

A new video and report from Baker Hughes tell the story of how Augury and Bently Nevada teamed up to deliver major Machine Health wins for a large nylon manufacturer. And it’s only the beginning: “We are barely scratching the surface and I am thrilled for what the future holds for this partnership,” says Augury CEO. 

Helping Heavy Industries Improve the Health Of Their Machines

Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business, just released a short video and an ‘Energy Forward Story’ outlining the speedy big wins experienced by the nylon manufacturer INVISTA after they implemented a purpose-built, AI-driven prescriptive asset health monitoring and diagnostics solution.

As Bently Nevada stated via social media: “It’s a marriage of trusted wisdom and new tech smarts, pairing decades of experience with cutting-edge algorithms, to deliver a new way of monitoring machines in heavy industrial operations.”

As provider of the cutting-edge industrial AI algorithms, it’s a double win for Augury. “Not only do we thrive on customer success, we are grateful to have such an impact-driven partner as Baker Hughes to help enable us to scale on our mission – and ambitions,” says Saar Yoskovitz, Augury’s Co-Founder and CEO.

A Partnership In Innovative Asset Performance Management

A leader in the condition monitoring and protection space for over 60 years, Bently Nevada is backed with unparalleled industry experience. “You could say our experts know as much about machines as doctors know about the human body,” says Sequoia Murray, Bently Nevada Global Customer Success Leader. “We’re combining that deep knowledge with Augury’s strength in the AI tech space for Machine Health.” 

Baker Hughes and Augury have been working together since October 2021 to build on the existing asset performance management (APM) capabilities in the Baker Hughes family and bring the power of AI-powered predictive, prescriptive insights to Baker Hughes’ customers. 

Augury and Bently Nevada Help Save $4.2M 

Launched in September 2022, the INVISTA pilot was the first commercial implementation of Machine Health at INVISTA Kingston, a nylon intermediates manufacturing plant in Ontario, Canada. There’s a good chance that airbags in most cars today are made from nylon fibres from INVISTA. 

INVISTA was a natural choice for the pilot. They were already long-time partners of Baker Hughes as users of the System 1 software and Ranger Pro wireless sensors. And now the company wanted to further build on the value of their System 1 and Ranger Pro investments by adding prescriptive analytics to their existing infrastructure. The upgrade to the System 1 Machine Health platform – part of Baker Hughes’ larger integrated suite Cordant – proved immediately beneficial. 

  • Value began being generated at deployment, with the first major “machine save” at two weeks in – saving more than $100,000 in downtime. 
  • In less than three months, $4.2 million was saved from process improvements and catastrophic failure avoidance.  

More Wins To Come: Perfecting The Solution

“It’s like having a big brother… somebody tapping you on the shoulder to let you know, ‘Hey, you need to go fix this’,” says Paul Bonorden, Corporate Rotating Equipment Capability Manager at INVISTA.

“The algorithms give me the opportunity to see what needs my attention the most,” says Taylor Leeson, Reliability Millwright at INVISTA. “I love the anomaly detections; they make my life easier.” 

Given the success of the pilot, the INVISTA and Baker Hughes team are extending the program into 2023. “They’re helping us perfect this solution,” says Murray. 

Onward and Upward

“As we go deeper into the Energy sector with our partners at Baker Hughes, we gain a deeper appreciation for the unique challenges that these companies have and the immense potential in these industries,” says Saar. “We are barely scratching the surface and I am thrilled for what the future holds for this partnership.”


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