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Israel’s Largest Oil Refinery Out For More Wins With Augury

Portrait and quote from Director of Innovation at Bazan

A recent newspaper feature reports how Bazan Group is expanding its collaboration with Augury after a successful pilot project that saw a fourfold savings on investment.

TheMarker, Israel’s leading business daily, just published the article ‘Bazan Introduces The Artificial Intelligence Of The Unicorn Augury Into The Production Process’ (Hebrew-only). The feature offers an in-depth look at how the country’s largest oil refinery is scaling its collaboration with Augury. This comes after a successful pilot project over 2022 with Bazan Group’s innovation arm Bnnovation – Bazan Innovation.

Dr. Gili Bittan-Banin, head of innovation at Bazan stated that the cooperation with Augury will allow Bazan to move from expensive breakdown maintenance – maintenance after a failure has occurred – to predictive maintenance. This will result in reducing production line downtime, upgrading the skills of the employees and improving the output,” according to the article

“Bittan-Banin said that the company has so far installed Augury’s sensors in 220 of the 2,500 machines in the company’s production facilities. According to her, for the pilot that involved 50 machines in 2022, there was a fourfold return on the investment. In other words, the savings in terms of maintenance expenses and spare parts was four times greater than what Bazan paid Augury for its diagnostics services.”

“According to Bittan-Banin, this is a conservative estimate, because this calculation did not include the loss of production due to downtime and the upgrading of the company’s human capital. She stated the company is now looking into the possibility of using Augury’s capabilities to also reduce ongoing operating costs, for example, by reducing the spare parts inventory. These efforts may result in saving millions of dollars per year.”

Asaf Almagor, CEO of Bazan, noted that Augury’s uniqueness is how it is able to provide immediate operational benefits.”

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