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Pump Systems as a Service with Predictive Analytics

Augury Halo Connected Machine Node

The way we use machines is changing. More and more processes depend on machine support to maximize output and enhance production. As our dependence on machines continues to grow exponentially, so too does the need to optimize the health and efficiency of the equipment around us.

At Augury we’re committed to making machines more reliable while reducing their impact on the environment. We recently shared an announcement of our growing partnership with Grundfos – a world-leading pump and water technology company. The combination of Grundfos’ expertise in water technology and Augury’s knowledge within algorithm-powered machine diagnostics allows us to deliver on the promise of world-class condition monitoring and pump system optimization together.

Grundfos’ existing and soon-to-be customers benefit from new, digitally-enabled offerings that will transform the way they purchase, maintain and operate pumps. For Augury, this joint offering with Grundfos will allow us to further fine-tune our algorithms- leading to the creation of new and innovative solutions that will solidify our position as a leader in the predictive analytics space.

We are excited to show how our combined offerings will deliver more resilient and reliable pump systems and solutions, providing our customers with a competitive edge in their markets.

For more information about our partnership with Grundfos, get in touch!

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