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The Future of Water is Digital

The Future of Water is Digital

Water is humanity’s most fundamental resource. We need water to create energy, to heat/cool our buildings, to grow and process our food, to make our clothes and to manufacture most of the products we use every day. Water doesn’t just sustain life—it underpins our entire way of life.

The machines that help move, manage and treat water are responsible for a large portion of global energy consumption. As much as 10% of global electricity goes into pumps. In the face of climate change, this becomes more pronounced and the need to make water more efficient and sustainable is more urgent than ever before.

Unleveling Global Water Management

Augury has partnered with Grundfos to uplevel global water management using the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Together, we will digitize the way water is moved and managed to dramatically increase global sustainability.

Grundfos is the world’s largest pump manufacturer and a leader in water technologies across the entire water lifecycle. By 2025, Grundfos aims to transform into a digital water service and solutions company. To achieve this, the company needs to be able to monitor and automatically diagnose the health of millions of pumps across the world—so they can provide a completely new set of digital service capabilities.

That’s where Augury comes in. I’m proud to say that after working with Grundfos for two years, we’re taking the next step toward achieving these ambitious digital goals together.

Augury is the leader in the emerging Machine Health category, combining the IIoT with AI to understand, manage and predict the reliability, performance, and efficiency of high-value machines like pumps. Through our partnership with Grundfos, we’ll leverage these capabilities to improve every aspect of the water lifecycle from extraction and delivery to processing and purifying.

Integrating Solutions

We’ll do this by integrating Augury’s digital machine health with Grundfos’ pumping solutions and by helping Grundfos to develop new digitally-enabled services. Grundfos will bring these combined solutions to the market through its global sales and distribution network, with support from Augury’s technical experts and sales team.

New digitally-enabled services will help streamline the infrastructure of water delivery to large water consumers like industrial manufacturing and regional water utilities. Seamlessly monitored machines will enable new business models that better align the consumption of water with the efficiency of the infrastructure required to manage its delivery. Ultimately, by digitizing the equipment and adding new digitally enabled services and business models, we will make the global water system much more efficient and sustainable.

Augury and Grundfos both want to create a world where people can always rely on the machines that matter. Together, we are improving the availability and performance of the critical water systems essential to creating products, delivering services, and improving lives.

Learn more about Augury and Grundfos partnership here.

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