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Extruder Saved for Food & Snack Producer

Win of the Week

The site’s critical extruder (350HP) was exhibiting extreme vibrations associated with bearing wear. During an initial investigation, the technician noticed noise around the motor bearings.

Industry – Food & Snack //
Machine – Extruder //
Fault Type – Bearing Wear //
Value To Client – Mitigated potential machine failure //

Augury Platform Screenshot Status

Augury Platform Danger Alert

Following an in-depth discussion between Augury’s Customer Success, Reliability Team, and the site’s planner, it was determined the best course of action would be to replace the motor.

Augury Platform Repair Status

The planner scheduled the work to be done within a few days of receiving the alert, and following their repair, the machine improved to an Acceptable condition, ultimately mitigating a potential machine failure.

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