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On-Demand: Webinar On Protecting Your Business And Managing Risk In Uncertain Times

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Experts discuss how purpose-built AI can optimize machines and processes – while enabling effective digital transformation. And there’s even better news: the benefits can now be evenly enjoyed across People, Planet and Profit.

The economic outlook is anything but certain. As financial conditions tighten, manufacturers are wondering whether it’s possible to protect your people, the planet, and your profits. The answer is a resounding: Yes!

The webinar ‘Managing Risk In Uncertain Times: How Production Health Can Protect Your Business’ outlines how Production Health can help eliminate the biggest risks energy-intensive industries are facing, as well as:

  • The main drivers of Production Health: Machine Health and Process Health
  • How manufacturers are tackling the Production Health challenge, from pilot program to successfully scaling up
  • How Production Health boosts sustainability

The panel is comprised of three industry heavy-hitters: Augury’s Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing James Newman and two Research Analysts from LNS Research, Bob Francis and Allison Kuhn. All three come backed with decades of hands-on experience in bringing innovation to the factory floor. They also come with a very positive message for those willing to listen.

A Significant Opportunity We Can No Longer Ignore

AI-driven options are now available to minimize risk without have to play a balancing act between People, Planet and Profit – with the last P invariably winning. “Even in the face of uncertainty and hard economic times, manufacturing companies can build on all three things and allow them to achieve as never before,” says James.

“Think about all that unplanned and unnecessary downtime that effects our ability to produce goods… Think about all the extra emissions from poorly operating machines… Think about all those things we’ve learned to live with for so long… We are now finally at a point we no longer have to compromise. We can produce better and waste less, and at the same time be super profitable. And that’s our target and our goal. And we call this concept Production Health.”

When People Can Perform At Their Best, Everything Will Fall In Line

The panel agrees: AI-driven doesn’t mean AI-only. It’s certainly not about people being replaced by machines. Production Health is about having the tools to enable people, machines and processes to perform at their best. And this is where the big wins can occur. For example, one study shows you can reduce your energy consumption by 12-15% by ensuring your rotating assets are running as they should – saving costs while minimizing emissions. And similar win-win scenarios can be achieved if you also build in processes that maximize throughput, quality and yield.

But yes, with an industry-wide shortages in skills and workers, you will need to inspire and empower your workforce with the right technological tools that allow them to make the right decisions in real-time. “You need to know the challenges that frontlines workers face every day – that’s what breeds adoption and with adoption comes a successful transformation,” says Allison.

“People want to do great things. And if allow them to do that, the work becomes more satisfying – and the transformation a success… It’s time to make manufacturing sexy again.”

Time For Leaders To Dive Deep And Deliver

“Leaders really need to stand up and look at the big picture,” says Bob. “They have made very specific and public promises on reducing their carbon footprint – and they will be held accountable for that.”

“Leaders need to be leaders,” adds Allison. “It’s only those big pushers that will be on the beaches sucking on pina coladas when 2030 comes around. It’ll be those who are now very busy looking at the real data and metrics that matters and taking action. It’s a dating situation: it’s time to really get know your business.”

“It’s about finding these best people-focused practices that leverage technology, while remembering it’s not all copy-and-paste,” says Bob. “Because every plant is different.”

“Honestly, if you’re going to be dating the plant again, you got to remember that most long-distance relationships don’t work out. So, get out there. Make those connections, and make sure everyone is understanding the words that you are putting out there,” says Alison. “There is no cookie cutter situation. Sustainability isn’t cookie cutter and neither is scaling. And it all starts with getting your house in order.”

“I’d be more blunt,” says Bob. “Just stop kicking the can down the road.”


Watch the full webinar ‘Managing Risk In Uncertain Times: How Production Health Can Protect Your Business’.

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