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Tips for Attracting Prospective Employees in Manufacturing

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Over at Manufacturing.net, Augury’s VP of Strategy Artem Kroupenev discusses four ways to attract and retain team members. In short: “The breakthroughs of today are what the future industry will be built upon. Invite job seekers to be a part of it.”

This article first appeared on Manufacturing.net on Aug 3, 2022 

No one needs to tell you that there’s a significant labor shortage in manufacturing. You need only look to your open positions to find proof of that. With the Great Resignation, job openings in manufacturing are at record highs: 800,000 each month.

Although great efforts are being made to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. and recruit the next generation of talent, manufacturing labor shortages are quite the hurdle to surmount. All is not lost, however. One study found that perceptions are changing around manufacturing, largely due to the industry’s response to the pandemic. But more work needs to be done to attract and retain top talent.

Money is often a good start, as are time-off benefits and greater schedule flexibilities, but companies need to think more about rewriting the cultural narrative of what manufacturing is to better reflect its current state. Technology in manufacturing has been reshaping the industry, but our recruiting tactics don’t reflect that. We show how working for a manufacturer is an attractive proposition for talent with the skills and background to succeed in the industry.

How to Attract Manufacturing Employees and Retain Team Members 

With such a labor shortage, it may be tempting to focus on training and recruiting the next generation of people to work in the manufacturing industry. But that’s not enough. We can’t just wait for a whole generation to grow up and enter the workforce. Instead, turn your attention toward getting the right systems in place to make the proposition of job opportunities more appealing to talent of all ages. The following are often the best places to start:

  1. Create Higher Value With Manufacturing Positions
  2. Increase Diversity Through Company Culture
  3. Change the Perception of Manufacturing
  4.  Institute Reskilling Efforts

Read more about these four approaches in the full article on Manufacturing.net.

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