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Your Manufacturing Pain Points And How To Fix Them. Read Our Latest Reports

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Augury has recently released a flurry of reports that will resonate with manufacturing professionals – from tips for avoiding downtime, to deep dives into the current market realities for Pharma, Chemicals and Food & Beverage. Read all about it.

This post was originally published on April 22, 2022.

Download Guide To Decreasing Downtime

Whether it’s planned or unplanned, downtime can drag down the bottom line and company morale. In fact, almost half of factory operators find their biggest operational challenge comes from unplanned downtime.

Experts agree the right predictive maintenance strategy can make all the difference. In ‘Your Guide to Decreasing Downtime’, seven manufacturing experts share their tips on:

  • Doing a critically assessment
  • Selecting the right condition monitoring technology
  • Combing condition monitoring methods
  • Implementing redundancy
  • Getting everyone on board

Ready to transform your operations, gain insights into your machines and decrease downtime? Download your guide now.

New Market Insight Reports for Pharma, Chemicals and Food

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While downtime is a universal challenge for manufacturers, each industry has its own pain points to face. That’s why we created brand new market insight reports for Pharma, Chemicals and Food & Beverage.

For instance, a recent industry survey conducted by Pharma Manufacturing and Augury confirmed that supply chain disruptions, the workforce skills gap and capacity constraints are still top industry pain points for pharmaceutical manufacturers. And one area that touches all of these challenges is plant machinery – making it even more essential for machines to run at maximum efficiency.

Meanwhile, the Chemicals industry is also naturally keen to maximize production and sustainability. But the sector also has its own particular concern that can also be addressed by digitalization efforts: safety, for both employees and the environment.

As for Food & Beverage manufacturers, they’ve been hit harder than most as a result of the pandemic – and permanent changes are afoot in the way the industry does business. And while ravaged by issues such as supply chain disruptions, labor issues and unplanned downtime, most surveyed plant floor respondents said unexpected equipment failure remained their biggest threat.

The Big Picture: Make It Real-Time And Condition-Based

Cover of Machine Health Is Business Health

These three reports are all deeper dives that build on the general market insight report we recently created with Plant Services – which got a nice write-up in VentureBeat.

“Despite unplanned downtime being the biggest threat to meeting production targets, two-thirds of corporate respondents report an inability to visualize the real-time condition of critical assets across all sites at their company, which can have a devastating financial ripple effect throughout their businesses,” according to VentureBeat.

“Only 26% of manufacturers are employing real-time condition-based predictive maintenance. This technology most commonly uses a combination of AI and IoT to predict machine failures before they occur, minimizing unexpected downtime and keeping production lines running.”

Read all about it: Download Your Guide to Decreasing Downtime and new market insight reports for Pharma, Chemicals and Food & Beverage.

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