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Five Reasons Why Vibration Analysts Love Augury

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Vibration analysts are the unsung heroes of today’s manufacturing industry. They are key to keeping machines running in optimum condition and the backbone of a successful reliability program. They are however quite particular about the tools and solutions they use to diagnose machines, so here are five reasons why vibration analysts love Augury.

This article was originally published on August 10, 2020.

1) Remote Data Collection

Walking vibration routes is time-consuming and tedious and the machines along the route are often in harsh environments. Augury’s endpoints are permanently installed and deliver data 24/7 which saves you time that can be better spent viewing the data and correcting other issues.

When a machine health alert does come through, it’s nice to know you won’t have to run out and take another set of readings to see how the malfunction is progressing or to confirm the first collection was correct. Just sit back and wait for the data to come to you.

2) Solves the VFD Challenges

Augury combines magnetic, temperature, and vibration data. These days, more and more assets are VFD driven. Augury’s magnetic data ensures you can be confident what the line frequency was at the time the vibration data was captured, enabling accurate diagnostics.

3) Simplified Alerts that Matter

Setting alarm levels which find the “Goldilocks Zone” can be difficult. Set thresholds too high, and you’ve got the boy who cried wolf. Set them too low, and you’re explaining why a machine failed. Augury combines machine learning algorithms, statistical thresholds, and human analysts to ensure you always get alerted when it matters… and only then. Analysts can manually adjust thresholds for each machine component when category thresholds just won’t cut it.

4) Compare Machines

Have you ever wanted to compare like-machines? With traditional vibration software, this can be a chore that requires constant clicking back and forth between tabs. Augury’s Compare Machines feature allows you to compare data sets of multiple machines. With the envelope trends from all five boiler feed pumps on the same screen, it’s easy to optimize machine performance and see the outlier with a bearing issue.

5) Forcing Frequency Setup

Augury has developed the premier forcing frequency setup table. Simply input the frequencies of interest into the interactive table located just below the spectrum and viola, the frequencies are marked on the spectrum, simplifying analysis. The results will be saved for the next time you view the machine and speed-dependent components can be entered in units of orders, ensuring they will adjust to future line frequency changes.

A myriad of vibration solutions are available these days. Picking the right solution that’s accurate and helps you scale your work is crucial to your success. If you’re a current Augury customer, or become one someday, working with us should give you the peace of mind that we’ve got your back 24/7.

To learn more about how Augury’s machine health solutions can boost your business, get in touch today. 

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