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The Auguscope Can Tell You When There’s A Problem – And When There’s Not

A worker is using a cell phone to check a machine for potential issues.

By using Auguscope in the field, a major commercial services provider was able to generate $175,000 of revenue. The company also saved their customer $100,000 in energy costs, and prevented an unnecessary repair job on a chiller that saved another $90,000.

The Auguscope™ is a handheld device that connects to a smartphone and enables  commercial services technicians to collect vibration and ultrasonic data from rotating assets. Then, Augury’s AI interprets the data to provide real-time, actionable, and reusable insights. With the ability to pick up the slightest machine issue and backed by on-demand reliability experts, Auguscope is the ultimate tool that puts the power of Machine Health right in your hands.

As one HVAC technician put it: “It’s convenient. Taking less than 2-3 minutes to complete a recording. Then it tells you exactly what you need to do.”

But it can also be used to identify a machine in perfectly acceptable condition – and in the process create a raving fan of a new customer… Curious?

Red Alert

One such situation involved a building in Charlotte, North Carolina, which was run by a third-party contractor who hired a services company to maintain and do preventative maintenance on the HVAC equipment. After an inspection, the technician from the service company claimed that one of the chillers needed to be rebuilt due to faulty bearings – at a cost of around $90,000. 

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So the customer went ahead and paid for the rebuild – after all, identifying such problems is exactly what they were paying the services company for. But soon after, the services company flagged the same problem. Doubt was sown. Was it really faulty? Was it even really faulty last time? 

Making Your Second Opinion Count…

Certainly, the cost of two rebuilds meant the customer was no longer saving money from having a services contract. So they went to the source for a second opinion: the service wing of the chiller’s OEM. Armed with an Auguscope, the OEM technician learned the chiller did not actually have a bearing issue. 

It turned out a pump that cools the oil was faulty and no longer moving the oil around so the bearing was not getting cooled. So the alarm on the chiller went off because of the excess heat coming off the bearing – as it should. But while excess heat often means bearing failure, in this case the bearing was still fine. A cheap pump part replacement later and the problem was solved. 

Having saved $90,000, the client was appreciative and offered the OEM service company a five-year contract worth $175,000 on 10 chillers. And with their foot firmly in the door, the service team went on to use the Auguscope to evaluate the customer’s PLC setting. By making some adjustments, they were projected to save a further $100,000 in energy costs over the length of the contract. 

How cool is that?


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