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Turning Your HVAC Tech Into A Vibration Analyst With Predictive Maintenance 

A man is standing in front of a large machine, learning how to transform his HVAC skills into vibration analysis for predictive maintenance.

Fix-on-failure is no longer an option if you want to compete and grow your business. You need to proactively flag problems in real-time. Fortunately, it’s never been easier for commercial service companies to make the jump to predictive maintenance – while also getting you on the road towards digital transformation.  

Finding The Problem Before It Exists

Today, predictive maintenance has become as simple as taking a recording. In fact, it’s already gone beyond predictive. If your solution also offers AI-driven diagnosis and repair advice, you can more accurately describe it as prescriptive maintenance – since, like a doctor, it tells you not only what’s wrong, but what you can do about it and by when. 

And by quickly making sure client machines are continually healthy and operating, commercial service companies can reduce truck rolls while attracting new clients. 

Sure, once upon a time, it didn’t always make economic sense to invest in a predictive maintenance solution – especially if you are working on short-term contracts in facilities with just two or three machines. But today, affordable hand-held solutions that couple with your smart device are available and can provide your HVAC technicians with a next-level maintenance tool. 

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Empowering Technicians With Vibration And Ultrasonic Insights

Let’s cut to the chase: “It’s convenient. Taking less than 2-3 minutes to complete a recording. Then it tells you exactly what you need to do,” said one HVAC technician at a major commercial services provider using one such solution.

And for many roaming techs doing their standard maintenance rounds, it’s become a primary tool – whether they are dealing with a skyscraper, a school or a hospital. Essentially, it turns your technicians into vibration analysts – without needing to train them or hire a third-party. And a single unit can have unlimited users taking unlimited recordings. 

This means you can bring this tool to all your customers – and even quickly analyze machines that are not in your contract (yet).

Knowledge Is Power: Towards Digital Transformation

Sending a technician out to a site costs money. Meanwhile, it’s getting harder to attract and retain talent. So having an easy-to-use device that provides fast and actionable results makes sense. It also makes scheduling a lot more predictable to make sure you meet your SLAs. 

At the same time digital transformation is spreading across the industry – with a number  of different apps and portals hitting the market. A single set-up solution that consolidates your information and brings real-time insights to the specific details of any given quote not only improves your workday but can speed up the sales cycle.  

The future is now. In fact, it’s never been easier to not only save your customers money in repairs and downtime, but also generate more pull-through revenue by taking recordings on machines as a way to convince satisfied customers to expand their work scopes – in the name of making these already satisfied customers even more satisfied.  

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