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International Women’s Day: Inspirational Insights From The Manufacturing World

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To help celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, we at Augury have brought together some inspirational quotations from women working in manufacturing. Now, let’s all work together and ‘Break The Bias’.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day on 8 March 2022 is particularly apt for the manufacturing industry: #BreakTheBias.

As the organization formulates it: “Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women’s equality. Collectively we can all celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.”

We’ll stand behind that! Over the last months we’ve profiled a whole range of different women who work in maintenance and reliability at Augury and beyond. Here are some of their insights…

Follow Your Passion

“It was amazing: seeing the impact of what I was doing. I was part of helping make someone’s life better by providing a product that went to maintaining their home. I was hooked.” – Amanda Reineck, Operations Manager at US’s largest roofing manufacturer GAF.

“We came in and fixed it and made a huge difference for production. It was high stakes and showed the impact our department can have.” – Shelby Gagliardi, Maintenance Engineer at GAF.

“When they see me, they don’t expect it. Some think it’s a bit odd. But for me, it’s my passion. And it doesn’t take long for people to see that passion, and the effort that I put into my work.” – Corinne Nielsen, a Reliability Success Manager at Augury.

“In a way, I see the wireless condition monitoring of industrial or manufacturing machines as a similar job as that of a doctor. We’re listening like they do with a stethoscope – but continuously. We’re constantly scanning for any kind of change. If something abnormal comes up, we review, evaluate and inform the customer. While a doctor might recommend vitamins or more bloodwork, we might suggest adding oil, tightening a bolt or replacing a part to help extend the life of the asset or prevent an unexpected failure.” – Elise Morse, a Vibration Analyst at Augury

Stay Focused

“Here, I’m treated with the same respect as my male colleagues. But I would say when you first start in your career in a male-dominated industry, it’s just naturally intimidating, because you’re working with people that maybe have a different mindset or background. But if you work for the right company that really values diversity and gender inclusion, then your experience at work can be extremely rewarding.” – Amanda

“If anyone is interested in Maintenance & Reliability, I just say ‘Do it!’ Because, unlike other fields, you’ll always be learning new things. And there are so many different options and avenues to specialize in.” – Corinne

“I just put my nose to the grindstone and decided: this is what I enjoy doing so I am going to do it. But I’ve been in situations where I’ve been laughed at in my face. That’s when you have to just be professional, ignore it and say ‘show me your asset’ and get to work. It’s the only way you can rise above it all. You can’t let them slow you down.” – Elise

Share The Love

“During my first co-op and job experiences, there was always a female I could kind of lean on and bounce stuff off, which made it a lot less scary. You can watch how they handle themselves. So, I think it’s important to seek out these kinds of mentors.” – Shelby

“I think it’s these past experiences that explain why I would love to be mentoring more folks in the future – especially those new to the industry. I was lucky to find one mentor along the way: a very smart and technical man who answered my questions and shared his 20-plus years of experience. I could just keep asking him questions – it was invaluable.” – Elise

“I think communication is a big aspect for this. You need to get the word out: to let women know, especially in colleges, what opportunities are out there. We need more of these conversations.” – Shelby

“The more that you can encourage diversity and women in leadership, the better. The more variety and perspectives, the better – from the top to the bottom. I think it just helps spawn creativity.” – Amanda

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