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Diagnostics So Accurate, They're Guaranteed

Up to $100,000 repair/replacement warranty for industrial equipment

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Augury is partnering with HSB, a Munich Re company, to offer an industry leading financially
backed AI diagnostics. This dual-protection approach minimizes both machine downtime and
financial impact.*

How It Works
Insurance Icon
Augury’s Industrial Insurance Partner

AI diagnostics on eligible equipment
is covered by repair/replace
guarantee backed by HSB

100k Icon
Machine Failure Protection

Customers will benefit from an accuracy guarantee of up to $100,000 per machine.

Machine Health Icon
Halo Protects More
Than Ever

Guaranteed Diagnostics add
Financial Protection to the Industry's
Most Powerful AI for Predicting
Machine Failure

“”Augury’s AI-based Machine Health solutions have a track record of improving data accuracy and real-time diagnostics to increase equipment reliability. HSB has a long history of reducing and insuring risk, and a focus on new technologies to prevent loss. Together, HSB and Augury can help provide customers with the information, insights and confidence to improve their performance.John Riggs — SVP Technology & Americas IoT, HSB

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about our new Guaranteed Diagnostics warranty that will offer manufacturers dual-protection against downtime and its financial impact

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