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Make the Most Out
of Limited Shutdown

Ensure product quality and safety with Machine Health insights

When you’re producing 24/7 bringing down a line to figure out what’s wrong when your machines start
acting up isn’t an option. Get real-time insights into machine performance and keep all of your production
lines running like your best line.

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How We've Helped Our Customers

Cost of downtime
prevented on a single
Leading Pharmaceutical/biohealth
ROI in less than one year
of installation
global pharmaceutical company

Eliminate Downtime and Ensure Quality

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Eliminate Downtime,
Reduce Waste,

Improve quality control by eliminating
machine malfunctions and variations
that can lead to inconsistencies,
delays and production loss.

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Get Most
out of

Make the most out of tight planned
shutdown schedules with actionable
machine health insights that tell you
what’s wrong, where and how to fix it.

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Leverage Data to
improve Efficiency,

Integrate Machine Health data into
process control strategies to ensure
consistent quality and gain new insights
into performance, efficiency and

“”Our customers at the end of the day are patients...Augury helps me
make sure our machines are healthy so we can make sure we deliver
the products our customers need. engineering maintenance technician — Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Transform your business
with Augury.

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