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Augury Introduces “Machine Health for Dummies,” the First-of-its-Kind Guide That Helps Manufacturers Advance their Predictive Maintenance Programs and Benefit from Reduced Downtime and Increased Capacity

Available now, this free book features six informative and tactical chapters highlighting machine health basics, benefits, use cases, capabilities, and more 

NEW YORK – Augury, a leading provider of industrial AI solutions that improve machine health and process health, today released “Machine Health for Dummies,” a free ebook that outlines the principles of a prescriptive, industrial technology solution that brings the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and reliability expertise together to predict and prevent equipment failure and improve overall machine performance. This comprehensive guide arms manufacturing professionals with digestible insights and actionable tips for proactively addressing machine health challenges, reducing downtime, and improving reliability. 

Machines are the backbone of nearly every aspect of modern society, helping us produce essentials like food, medicine, and power. In fact, McKinsey finds that machines drive 85% of GDP across all developed economies. Yet industrial leaders continue to grapple with machine failures and unplanned downtime, which cause production and financial losses, worker injuries, increased waste, reputational damage, and more. As a key enabler of Industry 4.0, machine health provides manufacturing facilities with the AI insights they need for more efficient and productive machines. 

Augury’s “Machine Health for Dummies” guide is composed of six chapters, each illuminating a critical aspect of machine health, including:

  • The basics of machine health: what it is, why it matters, and more 
  • An overview of maintenance types, including reactive, preventive, and prescriptive
  • Capabilities to consider when identifying a machine health solution 
  • The business value of machine health, highlighting use cases from global manufacturers 
  • Tips for starting a machine health journey and taking steps toward production health 
  • Machine health success stories across paper products, building materials, CPG, oil and gas, wood products, chemicals, pet food, and more 

“As widespread labor shortages combine with the rapid pace of technology innovation, manufacturing leaders must speed up digitalization to stay competitive. By deploying machine health across their plants, decision-makers can drive continuous improvements to supply chains and production lines, greater collaboration, ROI, agility, and more. ‘Machine Health for Dummies’ provides a structured guide to get started,” said Saar Yoskovitz, co-founder and CEO of Augury. “However, it’s important that manufacturers understand that their journey toward Industry 4.0 excellence does not end once they’ve mastered their machine health approach. Machine health serves as a solid foundation of overall production health.” 

To download a copy of “Machine Health for Dummies” for free, please visit www.augury.com/machinehealthfordummies

For more tips on machine health and information about Augury’s solutions, visit https://www.augury.com/. To connect with other manufacturing leaders, visit Augury’s online community: https://endpoint.augury.com/.

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