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Augury Joins the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community to Transform the Future of Manufacturing with Machine Health

AI-Driven Machine Health Solution Used by Leading Manufacturers as Foundation for Operational Resiliency and Industrial Digitization

New York, NY –July 15, 2021– Augury, a global leader in AI-based Machine Health driven by artificial intelligence, today announced that it has joined the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community. This invitation-only community is composed of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups with cutting-edge business models and technologies. Augury’s Machine Health technology and company vision, to create a world where people can rely on the machines that matter, were viewed as key additions to the community, which aims to address long-term global concerns around the manufacturing and industrial industries.

As a member of the World Economic Forum community, Augury will be contributing to two initiatives that will help usher in the future of manufacturing. The Augmented Workforce initiative is a community-driven movement to understand and harness the potential of technology-augmented work for a more empowering, productive, people-centric, and inclusive, manufacturing and production ecosystem. The Global Lighthouse Initiative brings together manufacturing leaders that are applying Industry 4.0 technologies at scale to drive financial and operational efficiencies.

“The World Economic Forum is delighted to welcome Augury in our Global Innovators community,” said Francisco Betti, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Production at the World Economic Forum. “Including new, innovative voices is essential in the work we do at the Forum. We look forward to incorporating Augury’s expertise in our initiatives, dialogues and platforms. Augury offers a fresh perspective to keep production lines up and running, by providing the technology and the experts that allow for a comprehensive view of machine health diagnostics.”

Augury supports its customers, many of which are well-known Fortune 500 companies and members of the World Economic Forum, by enabling digital transformation through superior insights into the health and performance of the machines they use to make products, deliver services and improve lives. Last year, Augury added nearly 100 new innovations to its Machine Health platform, enabling remote work and more effective collaboration. Through Guaranteed Diagnostics and actionable insights that prevent machine failures, Augury customers are able to eliminate unexpected downtime and drive dramatic improvements in reliability, sustainability and productivity across their global manufacturing operations.

“We’re excited to be active members within the World Economic Forum community and share our unique insights on how to create real, sustainable change within the manufacturing community,” said Saar Yoskovitz, co-founder and CEO of Augury. “Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen an increase in our customers investing in digital technologies that allow them to bridge skill gaps, enhance worker safety and monitor the health of critical assets. Through Machine Health we’ve guided industry-leading manufacturers in addressing all these key pain points while also driving production efficiencies and a fast time-to-value. Machine Health has proven to be the cornerstone of scalable digital transformation programs that won’t get stuck in pilot purgatory.”

Joining the World Economic Forum provides Augury with another platform for continuing its rapid global growth. To learn more about Augury, visit www.augury.com.

About the World Economic Forum
The Global Innovators Community is a group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups that are at the forefront of technological and business model innovation. The World Economic Forum provides the Global Innovators Community with a platform to engage with public- and private-sector leaders and to contribute new solutions to overcome current crises and build future resiliency.

Companies who are invited to become Global Innovators will engage with one or more of the Forum’s Platforms, as relevant, to help define the global agenda on key issues. If your company is interested in becoming a Global Innovator, please get in touch here.

About Augury
Augury is building a world where people can always rely on the machines that matter. Augury supports its customers by enabling Digital Transformation through superior insights into the health and performance of the machines they use to make products, deliver services and improve lives.

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