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It’s motivating to work for a company like Roseburg that is trying to innovate and transform a traditional industry.

As a tech, I want modern tools that help me get things done…and Augury’s platform has become as important to me as my wrench or drill.

Chad Leggett
Chad Leggit

Optimizing Machine Performance With Digital Insights

Impacted by equipment failure that led to production delays, thousands of dollars in production losses, and increased repair costs led Roseburg to search for a comprehensive predictive maintenance solution.

Beginning at Roseburg’s Simsboro plant, they deployed Augury’s Machine Health to upgrade their overall reliability program with a solution that was easily scalable, could integrate into their Enterprise Asset Management System, and provided insights for both the Simsboro plant and Roseburg’s corporate stakeholders. Within the first 8 months they identified 21 major faults affecting their critical equipment, preventing production loss costs of over $472,000. Rapid 7x ROI in less than one year justified expansion to all 15 Roseburg facilities.

Augury’s Machine Health Solution is now monitoring and providing diagnostics on the assets at the heart of all of Roseburg’s operations. The result? Improved reliability, reduced downtime, optimized performance, and a foundation for higher-level digital transformation.

Machine Health is a Major Driver of Business Health

How a Roseburg plant is working to transform the way they do business through Machine Health

The halo ac7000 is sitting on top of a pile of sand as Roseburg transforms business.
It was only a week after Augury went live that we were already seeing benefits.

All the issues that had hindered our equipment and were causing downtime were brought to our attention. We immediately went to work tackling the most critical issues on the most critical machines.

Regional Reliability Manager
A stack of logs stacked on top of each other, overseen by a Regional Reliability Manager.