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Insuring Industrial AI: From Risk Mitigation to Loss Prevention

Artem Kroupenev

VP of Strategy,


John Stokes

Senior Vice President, IoT & Technology Segment Leader,


For the first time, AI-based machine health diagnostics are guaranteed by one of the world’s leading industrial reinsurance companies. An insurance-backed warranty for the accuracy of AI diagnostics is completely novel, not just in manufacturing, but in any industry.

This is a testament to the maturity of Augury’s solution, and marks a major step for the industrial insurance industry on its path from risk mitigation towards digitally-enabled risk prevention.

Join John Stokes, IoT and Technology Segment Leader at HSB and Artem Kroupenev, VP of Strategy at Augury to learn:
  • Why Munich RE/HSB has partnered with Augury to bring this offering to the market
  • How AI-driven Machine Health prevents losses
  • The Guaranteed Diagnostics offering and what it enables for the industry
  • The future of insurance and AI for the Industrial Market

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