On-Demand Webinar with Decarb Connect

Machine Health & Process Health: Driving the Race to Net Zero

Inbar Lee Hyams

Content Strategist,
Carbon Almanac Network

James Newman

Head of Product & Portfolio Marketing,

Liran Akavia

Co-Founder & CEO,
Seebo (now part of Augury)

As the race to net-zero emissions intensifies, how can energy-intensive manufacturers meet their decarbonisation goals, and simultaneously meet demand in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment? The answer lies in the intersection between machines and manufacturing processes…

Hear key insights from an independent industry report on the link between machine health and emissions reduction, including how manufacturers could reduce annual CO2 emissions by 2-4 million metric tons.

The webinar explores real-world examples of how energy intensive manufacturers are using advanced artificial intelligence to drastically cut emissions, while maintaining or increasing their yield, throughput and quality.

Tune in to hear how the combination of machine health and process health is enabling manufacturers to embrace digital transformation more holistically – across People, Planet and Profit.

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