A Fireside Chat with Augury and Frost & Sullivan

The AI-driven Factory: How Production Health Will Shape the Future of Manufacturing

Sebastián Trolli

Research Manager and Global Head of Industrial Automation,

Frost & Sullivan

Artem Kroupenev

VP of Strategy,


Stephanie Hartsog

Senior Director of Global Community,


The world of industrial analytics is on the cusp of radical change–AI copilots, fusion diagnostics, and other advances are about to redefine the scope, speed, and scale of what’s possible in manufacturing production health.

What steps can your company take right now to ensure it’s prepared?

Join Sebastián Trolli, Research Manager and Global Head of Industrial Automation at Frost & Sullivan, and Artem Kroupenev, VP of Strategy at Augury, as they discuss:

  • Where industrial analytics is headed and what’s driving the change
  • How to empower your workforce with new technologies
  • Why merging machine and process health data delivers exponential benefits
  • How to identify your most important production health use cases

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