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Success At Scale: Empowering Factories with Their Own Machine Data

Gofna Liss-Rubin of Osem-Nestlé talking about Augury partnership

When manufacturers have their asset data made available as actionable insights, their maintenance teams can work more effectively in terms of planning and avoiding downtime. In the process, productivity goes up – along with workforce morale. And as valuable as these big wins may be, they represent only the first step down the road of continual improvement, according to Augury’s Head of Customer Success, Brielle Fragale.

“Augury’s sensors allow me to plan my downtime, fix what I need when I want – and not at the last minute. It’s like having 50 eyes out there all the time. Every morning I start with looking at the Augury platform. In my 27 years, this is the best thing that came into the factory.”

You know you’re having a good day at the office as Director of Customer Success when you receive a site report from a leading tissue manufacturer, which includes the above quotation from a line mechanic. 

Such stories are the very reason why I joined Augury: I love being part of the success of others and helping scale on such successes – especially during these challenging times when everyone needs to do more with less. 

Insight, Knowledge, Power

Case in point: Osem-Nestlé is one of the leading food companies in Israel. As a subsidiary of the world’s leading food and beverage company, they are collaborating with us to implement Industry 4.0 solutions to apply data in improving how they run their operations. In short: instead of always putting out fires, their maintenance team can now see the fire coming so they can work to prevent the first spark.

“It’s changed our mindset,” said Gofna Liss-Rubin, Open Innovation Manager at Osem-Nestlé. “Now with the maintenance management, you can take the time to fix things before they actually go into failure.”

“And whenever we prevent a failure, we also prevent everything that comes with that,” added Gofna. “We reduce the amount of labor time and the amount of machine time. We reduce all the inputs that are used – like energy and water – and, of course, gas emissions. And every improvement helps us meet our sustainability goals.”

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Choose Your Battles

While meeting sustainability goals is essential, we initially work with our clients to prioritize the immediate challenges they are facing. We want to understand how you tick so we can be more proactive in helping you become more proactive.

For some, Machine Health is a way to provide insights for a shrinking workforce – where AI can work to replace the brain drain of senior staff as they retire. Others see our solutions as a quick and easy way to increase revenue. While yet others are seeking ways to cut scrap as the cost of their raw materials spiral upward.

And indeed, it’s good to have an initial focus during the pilot phase. But in the short-term we also help scale your ambitions in improving effectiveness across the whole manufacturing process. 

“By getting greater insight across our materials, processes and equipment we can increase capacity, reduce waste, maintain quality and stay aligned to our business metrics all at the same time,” said one Senior Vice President from a major building supplies company. “That’s something that’s been very hard to do in the past.”

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Start Small, Scale Big

One of Augury’s greatest champions is Gary Binstock, Director of Technology for Strategic Innovation and Alliances at the Colgate-Palmolive Company. He found us when he went in search of the seemingly impossible: cutting costs while improving quality.

As an early adopter, Gary once observed, “Of course, we were also collecting KPIs from the beginning, and not only on whether we prevented equipment failure. We also covered time to reaction, time to getting a notification, time to taking action… We’re tracking all of those. And once we saw they were all tracking the right direction, it gave us the confidence to move forward.”  

Today Colgate-Palmolive is rolling out Augury’s AI-driven Machine Health Solutions throughout the company’s global manufacturing operations. 

That’s what it’s all about: forever moving forward and scaling on positive impact. And this attitude is why I enjoy immense job satisfaction – and confidence – doing what I am doing. 

Onward And Continually Upward

This idea of continual improvement is of course integral to any full-stack AI-driven solution geared at solving specific problems: as you gather more data over time, the better the algorithm becomes at giving predictive and prescriptive insights.

However, continual improvement is also integral to Augury as a company as it expands beyond Machine Health to Process Health and onward to full Production Health. 

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Machine Health + Process Health = Production Health

In other words, we’re here for the full ride. Yes, we love helping our clients achieve short-term wins and ROI for their production lines. But together with our clients, we are also embarking on a longer journey to transform our industry – and the world – for the better. 

Let’s keep moving on up. Together. 


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