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Machine health leaders Augury has acquired best-in-class process health pioneers Seebo to bring AI-fueled insights to the full production process. Augury can now fully address the key challenges and opportunities manufacturing companies face today. And there’s more: the industry now has a tangible path to balanced growth – where people, planet and profits are aligned – through accelerated digital transformation.

When Asset And Operational Data Come Together…

Augury is established as the leader in the machine health category. Now with the fusion with process health pioneer Seebo, Augury is fully equipped to lead the charge for full production health. 

“We can now dream bigger than just the reliability space,” says Augury CEO Saar Yoskovitz. “All the promises of the past five years around digital transformation and industry 4.0 are finally going to become a reality. We are in a position to fundamentally transform how manufacturing is being done.”

As individual companies, Augury and Seebo showed how IoT, AI and machine learning can deliver practical and measurable customer value – in terms of reliability, quality, efficiency and sustainability – while laying the foundation for digital transformation. They succeeded because they confronted specific real-world problems with tools providing actionable insights to those closest to the work: maintenance, reliability and process teams.

Now together, their solutions can elevate the manufacturing industry with further AI insights into the interdependence of machines, processes and operations to drive better decisions, improve business outcomes, empower the workforce and benefit the environment. 

“We see the combination of capabilities that Augury and Seebo are working to bring together as exactly the right approach to helping us maximize production health and achieve our other goals around sustainability, workforce engagement and profitability.”
-Warren Pruitt, VP Global Engineering Services, Colgate-Palmolive Company

Let’s Build That Roadmap

Manufacturers already on the machine health journey can now create a fuller roadmap that starts with taking in their most pressing needs around reliability or process improvement.

Current Augury and Seebo customers will continue to gain value from their machine health and process health platforms even as these solutions get integrated to create entirely new capabilities. “And throughout, we will continue to maximize customer engagement,” says Saar. “After all, it was the input from manufacturing leaders in companies such as Colgate-Palmolive Company that helped inspire Augury and Seebo to unify their strengths for the greater operational good.”

As Warren Pruitt, VP of Global Engineering Services at Colgate-Palmolive Company, puts it: “We’ve applied Augury’s Machine Health Solutions to reduce downtime as a foundation of our digital transformation. And now with machine health under control, our next goal is the integration of those machine-level insights with other variables, from product mix to environmental or process changes, that let us impact quality, yield and efficiency in ways we can’t today. We see the combination of capabilities that Augury and Seebo are working to bring together as exactly the right approach to helping us maximize production health and achieve our other goals around sustainability, workforce engagement and profitability.

Humanizing the Machine

Happily for Augury, the goals of Colgate-Palmolive Company and many other industry innovators go far beyond the traditional bottom-line.

“When you think about what manufacturing enabled us to do as humanity, it’s astonishing,” says Saar. “But that also came at a cost. It came at the cost of people working in substandard conditions. It came at the cost of environmental impact to our world. Now if we balance machine health and process health, we can transform manufacturing to be more human-centric and sustainable.” 

While previous reliability approaches have attempted to achieve perfect production, such a noble goal only became more realistic with Industry 4.0’s vision of the digitized smart factory where IoT, data science and AI come together to create cyber-physical systems and enhance process automation. 

“However, that was still not enough,” says Saar. “It’s only now that we can finally enable the full potential of TPM and other manufacturing frameworks from previous decades. We can do this by giving teams the correlated insights they need to be more agile, more aligned and more decisive in their decisions and actions.”

In other words, the factors are in place to finally eliminate those trade-offs between workers, companies and the environment. Industry can now once again step up to solve its own problems. “And this time we can do it with a tangible roadmap that will also tackle our greatest global challenges.”


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