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Watch On-Demand Webinar: Production Health Starts Here

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Production Health combines – and amplifies – the proven benefits of Machine Health and Process Health. Watch the on-demand webinar ‘Production Health Starts Here’ to find out what this holistic approach could mean for you, your company, our industry and the world.

Unlocking Manufacturing’s Hidden Potential

A-list manufacturers rely on Augury for real-time AI insights to predict and prevent machine failure and improve machine performance. But Augury’s Machine Health Solutions is only one half of the Production Health equation.

Today, manufacturers must deal with growing consumer demands, upskilling their workforce, and producing the goods we need in a sustainable manner. By combining Process Health with Machine Health, confronting these issues while unlocking the full potential of production lines is finally possible.

That’s why Augury recently acquired Seebo, a leader in AI-based process intelligence that helps customers predict and prevent quality, yield, and waste losses. Our combined solutions can now provide AI-insights across machines, processes, and production to unlock $1T in hidden capacity and transform the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of manufacturing.

If you want to learn more, watch the compelling webinar ‘Production Health Starts Here’.

A Stellar Industry 4.0 Cast

Hosted by Augury’s VP of Strategy Artem Kroupenev and featuring Seebo’s Co-Founder and COO Liran Akavia, the webinar includes a well-rounded selection of guests. As Senior Analyst at industry 4.0 specialists ARC Advisory, Inderpreet Shoker provides an industry-wide view. Meanwhile, representing the practitioner side, Scott Reed is on-hand as SVP Quality & Operations Services at GAF – USA’s largest roofing manufacturer.

As Artem observes during his introduction: “Machine Health is optimized for maintenance and reliability – reducing downtime, improving asset care, increasing production capacity and moving towards a predictive and prescriptive approach to maintenance. Process Health, in turn, is about optimizing quality of yield, as well as overall energy use and sustainability across the production. When taken together, we’re building what we call Production Health that provides more holistic insights that can help transform production.”

The Sweet Spot: Where Operations Meets Maintenance

“Right now, the industry has a very siloed approach,” says Inderpreet. “The Operations and Maintenance departments just don’t have the tools that would make them collaborate with one and other. And everybody knows what it could mean if they worked together. And I see this as an ongoing challenge for the industry to bring these two sides together. At the same time, we have all this data. So how can the industry use this data to our advantage – for increased profitability, sustainability and safety?”

The resulting insights is exactly what companies such as GAF are looking for, according to Scott. “It’s about knowledge and people. Our manufacturing processes are very dependent on our frontline workers and the tools they have, and the knowledge they’re able to access, while maintaining and sustaining the operation of our processes.”

Inspiring The Frontline While Driving Innovation

By providing more knowledge and insights to your workforce, you empower them to take more actions. And while streamlining production, employers are also creating the type of jobs that work to attract – and inspire – top talent. “It’s these frontline workers who will bring these algorithms to life,” observes Liran, “and drive innovation further.”

“There’s an analogy to the software engineering world of the early 1990s,” comments Artem. “There was a limited number of software engineers. it wasn’t a very sexy field to go into at the time. Now, there’s a wealth of innovation and an explosion of the number of people entering that field. Building those capabilities was in part enabled by the increased level of insights and real-time access to those insights.”

And now it’s time to see something similar happen – and in a very much accelerated form – to the manufacturing industry…

Interested in learning more about why Production Health is exciting leaders across the manufacturing industry? Watch the full webinar now.

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