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Faced with increasing consumer demand and a growing climate crisis, the way we
manufacture has to change. With Augury’s Machine Health and Process Health Solutions, we
can help customers optimize their operations so they can reduce waste and improve their
energy usage, making it possible to meet production targets and increase profits while also
hitting sustainability goals. Industry no longer has to compromise, Augury has the technology
to provide a better future…today.

"Whenever we prevent a failure, we prevent everything that comes with that. So where we reduce the amount of labor time, the amount of machine time, we reduce all the inputs that are used to operate the machines - energy, water, gas emissions. Any improvement that we have in operation and the reduction of the inputs helps us meet our sustainability goals." Gofna Lisa-Rubin, Innovation Manager, Nestle-Osem

Healthy Plant, Healthy Planet with Augury

Avoided Due to Defects
Reduced by Augury
annually from rotating
Reduced by 2042 by
deploying Augury’s
Machine Health

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