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Eliminate unnecessary downtime and transform maintenance schedules by knowing when machines are going to fail and how to fix it.

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Discover, prevent, and diagnose process inefficiencies with process insights so
you can achieve all your business objectives

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Meet all your targets, from increasing profits to ESG goals, by improving machine reliability and optimizing processes


Driving Innovation with
Predictive Maintenance

In less than a year, DuPont has achieved 7x ROI at their proof-of-concept sites and is continuing to improve operations by rolling out Augury across all their businesses.

Now that we have the Augury system in place, we are kept aware of internal issues such as harmonics and vibration, which are leading indicators of potential failure. Augury has allowed us to be much more proactive in mitigating failure and unplanned downtime because we have the tools to be predictive.
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Our partnership with Augury has been a great collaboration between our teams. Augury helped us move even faster to implement this project. By leveraging Augury’s break-through technology and rapid speed of working, we were able to move quickly from contract to implementation to embed their technology in our Frito-Lay manufacturing sites.

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