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Augury Expands Machine Health Solutions to Cover More Manufacturing and Industrial Assets

Customers can now get actionable insights into the health and performance of the majority of their rotating assets, reducing maintenance costs and downtime and accelerating digital transformation

NEW YORK & HAIFA, Israel — November 9th, 2021 — Augury, a pioneer in AI-driven Machine Health solutions and newly minted Industry 4.0 unicorn, today announced its latest solution Machine Health for Supporting Equipment (MH SE), which together with Augury’s existing solution for critical equipment will cover the majority of rotating assets, reducing downtime, increasing capacity, optimizing the cost of asset care and accelerating digital transformation.

Machine Health uses IOT and AI to predict and prevent machine failures, and improve machine performance. The new solution joins Augury’s existing Machine Health for Critical Assets solution (MH CR), which leverages Augury’s industry-leading diagnostics and expertise to diagnose malfunctions in the most complex and critical rotating equipment, where unexpected failures can lead to production outages and have significant business impact.

Supporting equipment makes up more than 60 percent of an average manufacturer’s rotating asset fleet. The failure of supporting equipment, while disruptive to operations, does not necessarily cause catastrophic unplanned downtime. However, maintaining these machines on a fixed preventative maintenance schedule, as most manufacturers still do, consumes a major portion of a plant’s maintenance and reliability budget.

MH SE improves maintenance planning and reduces maintenance and reliability costs by eliminating unnecessary maintenance tasks and cutting spare parts inventory. For manufacturers dealing with severe worker shortages, particularly of skilled maintenance technicians, MH SE guides teams toward the equipment most in need of maintenance, as well as telling them what to fix and how to fix it, helping overstretched maintenance teams to do more with less.

Customers deploying Augury’s complete Machine Health solution (MH CR plus MH SE) can take a comprehensive approach to the health and performance of the majority of their assets across all their facilities, as well as digitizing those assets within a single platform. Augury develops a customized criticality matrix for every production facility taking into consideration each asset’s complexity, hazardous-nature, and impact on the production process. The criticality matrix helps customers to understand which machines to monitor with MH CR and which are best suited for MH SE.

“The expansion of our Machine Health solutions enables manufacturers to quickly transition from reactive and preventative maintenance to predictive and prescriptive maintenance for the majority of their assets,” said Saar Yoskovitz, co-founder and CEO of Augury. “By providing insight into supporting equipment, our Machine Health solutions also accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing, improving not just asset management but the entire production operation.”

Augury’s full-stack Machine Health solutions use sensors that capture vibration, temperature and magnetic data from machines, advanced AI diagnostics and human reliability experts. Both MH CR and SE share a common platform. MH CR’s AI-driven diagnostics are verified by Augury’s human reliability experts, with diagnostics for selected critical equipment also covered by Guaranteed Diagnostics, a warranty to repair or replace failed equipment backed by HSB, a Munich Re company.

MH SE’s diagnostics, meanwhile, are entirely automated and may suggest multiple possible fault diagnoses, each of which has an associated confidence level. Users can use SE diagnostics as a decision support tool to plan maintenance activities and confirm the correct diagnosis when the relevant machine is inspected.

Augury’s customers include some of the world’s top manufacturers. Several Augury customers, including Colgate-Palmolive, Hershey and Nestle Osem, are already running pilot programs with MH SE. The solution will be available to all customers by Q2, 2022.

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