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Augury and
Microsoft Azure

Partners in Production Health for
Global Enterprises

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Bringing the Factory of the Future into Today

With the strength of Microsoft Azure’s leading global security and proactive
compliance capabilities and Augury’s industry leading predictive maintenance
solutions, supported by reliability expertise, and their process optimization
solution, our partnership brings the factory of the future to you… now.

Why Augury and Azure

Digital Transformation
for Operations

Boost productivity and optimize processes across operations with enhanced collaboration capabilities, mixed reality devices, IoT-enabled machines and AI-enhanced applications.

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Technology for
the Workforce

New insights for maintenance and
reliability teams that can be accessed
remotely, enabling teams to plan
maintenance activities and focus on more
interesting, higher-value work.

Sustainability Practices

Equips companies with technology that
can help measure sustainability practices
such as reduced energy consumption that
drives real change.

How To Purchase Augury Using Your

Microsoft Azure Cloud Consumption Agreement

Once installed, customers will see value in
under 3 months.

That not only provides full payback for the 12 mo subscription but as much as 5x ROI.

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Cutting edge algorithms

Detect machine health issues with 99.9% accuracy

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Reliability Experts

Collaboration with customers to align machine health insights with business priorities resulting in 90% user engagement


AI algorithms trained on Augury’s growing database of over 150 million recorded machine hours

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Premium sensor technology

Capture vibration, temperature and magnetic data from rotating equipment 24/7

Interested in bringing the factory of the future to your operations today?

Customer Use Cases

PepsiCo’s focus on ROI-based innovation leads to decreased Machine Downtime

See the innovations achieved in PepsiCo's production with their focus on Machine Health.

Fulfilling Humanity’s Essential Needs Through Digital Transformation

ICL, a leader in unique materials, rolls out AI-Driven Machine Health Solution, digitizing equipment insights on a global scale.

Multi-Billion Dollar Company Digitizes Machine Health-Here’s What Happened

How a global leader in paper tissue products is transforming their business with insight-driven manufacturing.

Augury in Microsoft’s Technology Record

By targeting Process Health, manufacturers can define objectives and uncover inefficiencies using root cause analysis

Just having data by itself doesn’t achieve anything. You must be able to drive insights. Once a manufacturer has that ability, everything in production operations becomes predictable.

Insight-driven manufacturing uses automated insights from technologies like AI to make better decisions across the entire manufacturing operation.

Market Research Reports for Industry

Plant Services, Market Insight Report: The ESG paradox, policy vs practice.

Food Processing, Market Insight Report: Labor Challenges and Unplanned Downtime Dog the Food Industry

Pharma Manufacturing, Market Insight Report: The true impact of machine failure in pharma.

Podcasts for Industry

Chemical Processing podcast: AI Transforms Sustainability, Topples Silos

To explain how AI-driven solutions that target machine and process health can help with strategy and results, Chemical Processing spoke with James Newman, head of product and portfolio marketing with Augury, a production health solutions provider that combines advanced sensors with AI capabilities and human expertise.

Plant Services podcast: Common challenges to machine health and ways to overcome them

In this podcast episode, James Newman explores the results of a recent study on avoiding unexpected downtime and minimizing planned downtime.

Pharma Manufacturing podcast: Stop the stall: The time is now for predictive maintenance in pharma

Digital solutions can help eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance costs and maximize productivity, ultimately unlocking the capacity that is necessary to get the highest quality product to patients who need them most. Senior editor Andrea Corona discusses this with Zach Gilulah, pharma machine health lead at Augury.

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