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PepsiCo’s Focus on ROI-based Innovation Leads to Decreased Machine Downtime

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At PepsiCo, we’re always looking to improve our operational excellence. And specifically, we wanted to reduce our unplanned downtime.

We had a very clear business target that we had to achieve, and we scouted for a few solutions, big companies, small companies. We did an objective side-by-side assessment. We tested a few actually. Augury came as the best solution and the most fitting one for the PepsiCo operations.

Anna Farberov
Anna Farberov-Pepsico

PepsiCo + Augury on BBC’s Click

In a recent Click episode from BBC News, the PepsiCo team shows how they are turning the sounds of snack-making into actionable insights with the help of Augury.

Saar Yokovitz, CEO and founder of Aguascalientes, a beverage and food company.

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Reliable Production

Microsoft’s Technology Record 2021 Innovation issue features PepsiCo and their focus on reliable production.

There was improved performance in terms of reduced unexpected breakdowns, interruptions, and incremental costs for replacement parts on the monitored assets.

In addition to this enhanced productivity, importantly, it has enabled a better work experience for our associates so they can focus on delivering quality products for consumers.

Clark Michael

PepsiCo Labs

The innovation organization for PepsiCo celebrates the production achievements they’ve experienced with their focus on machine health