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Parts as a Service

Augury and DSV have partnered to create a new inventory solution for manufacturers

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A New Way to Manage Production Risk and Spare Parts

Augury, and DSV, a global supplier of transport and logistics services, have partnered to provide a new Parts as Service (PaaS) solution.  This powerful new workflow connects Machine Health insights, which predict machine faults before they occur, with DSV’s Inventory Management Solutions to automate the procurement of replacement parts. Get the parts you need when you need them- while avoiding downtime and reducing your costs for spare parts.

Unnecessary Costs to
Just-in-Time Inventory

With Parts as a Service, Bazan has gained control of their budgets and improved the efficiency of their assets. With DSV as a partner, they can source necessary parts, schedule work, and plan shutdowns at a safer, more confident time.

How Parts as a Service Works

Digital Transformation for Operations

Boost productivity and optimize processes across operations with enhanced collaboration capabilities, mixed reality devices, IoT-enabled machines and AI-enhanced applications.

Technology for the Workforce

New insights for maintenance and
reliability teams that can be accessed
remotely, enabling teams to plan
maintenance activities and focus on more interesting, higher-value work.

Measurable Sustainability Practices

Equips companies with technology that can help measure sustainability practices such as reduced energy consumption that drives real change.

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