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Augury and
Microsoft Azure

Partners in Production Health for Global Enterprises

Bringing the Factory of the Future into Today

With the strength of Microsoft Azure’s leading global security and proactivecompliance capabilities and Augury’s industry leading predictive maintenancesolutions, supported by reliability expertise, and their process optimizationsolution, our partnership brings the factory of the future to you… now.

Unlock New Capabilities

With Augury’s Machine Health Solutions and Azure’s advanced ecosystem of microservices, customers can access real-time machine insights on a secure and proactive cloud platform trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

Together, Augury and Azure provide customers with fast and scalable value that can accelerate culture change and digital transformation efforts in the cloud.

Why Augury and Azure

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Digital Transformation for Operations

Boost productivity and optimize processes across operations with enhanced collaboration capabilities, mixed reality devices, IoT-enabled machines and AI-enhanced applications.

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Technology for the Workforce

New insights for maintenance and
reliability teams that can be accessed
remotely, enabling teams to plan
maintenance activities and focus on more interesting, higher-value work.

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Measurable Sustainability Practices

Equips companies with technology that can help measure sustainability practices such as reduced energy consumption that drives real change.

How To Purchase Augury Using Your Microsoft Azure Cloud Consumption Agreement

Augury’s Machine Health Solutions for Manufacturing and Industry

Augury helps customers predict and prevent machine failures and improve machine performance with predictive maintenance solutions that go beyond other products by telling workers what to fix and when and how to fix.

Once installed, customers will see value in under 3 months.

That not only provides full payback for the 12 mo subscription but as much as 5xROI.

Cutting Edge Algorithms

Detect machine health issues with 99.9% accuracy


Reliability Experts

Collaboration with customers to align machine health insights with business priorities resulting in 90% user engagement


Robust Data

AI algorithms trained on Augury’s growing database of over 150 million recorded machine hours

Premium Sensor Technology

Capture vibration, temperature and magnetic data from rotating equipment 24/7

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