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Leap to the cutting edge of predictive maintenance with a combination
of advanced sensors, prescriptive diagnostics and actionable insights.

What is Machine Health?

Continuously Monitor Your Machines

Advanced Sensing

Wireless sensors collect vibration, temperature and magnetic
data and securely transmit it to the cloud to diagnose
machine health

Certified for Hazardous Areas

Our sensors operate safely in hazardous areas with Class I
Division 2 (C1D2) Group A,B,C,D and Class II Division 2
(C2D2) Group F and G certifications in North America

Built for Global Deployments

Our hardware is certified for use across the globe, while our
platform can be deployed in your your team’s preferred

Diagnosing Machine Health

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Advanced AI

Machine learning algorithms analyze
data from thousands of machines to
diagnose malfunctions in real-time

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Actionable Alerts

At the first sign of a malfunction,
Machine Health alerts notify site teams
of exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it

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Guaranteed Diagnostics

Insurer HSB, a Munich Re company,
reimburses Augury customers up to $100,000 if a piece of equipment fails if our AI diagnostics didn’t detect an issue

Guide Maintenance Activity

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Visualize Machine Health

Securely review the health status of every Augury-monitored asset on any Internet-enabled device

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On-Call Reliability Experts

Augury’s experienced reliability professionals help you to investigate more complex issues and plan corrective actions

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Prioritize Maintenance Work

Focus on the highest priority tasks by reviewing machines in danger
and new/unaddressed alerts on your most critical equipment

Take Action from Insights

Built-in Adoption Engine

Customer Success Managers help drive adoption and ensure that Augury customers act on over 80% of all Machine Health alerts

Validate Repairs and Changeovers

Augury’s platform validates if a repair has resolved a problem and detects machine issues caused by changeovers prior to startup

Augury Products Image 1
Augury Products Image 1

Streamline Your Workflows

Integrate Augury with your current CMMS and EAM Systems to optimize machine health and performance at scale

“”Augury’s laid the foundation for our digital transformation. Their technology has changed the way ICL approaches reliability across our organization. With Augury, ICL looks to continue being an innovator in the market, delivering value to customers around the globe.Eyal Yaffe — ICL, VP Operational Excellence & Innovation Potash Division

“”Because of Augury, we reduced catastrophic failure events by 82%, and eliminated any failures caused by mechanical issues.Raul Baez Salazar — Reliability Leader, Malting House Heineken

“”Augury isn’t a program. Programs end. Augury is a culture. And this
culture is saving downtime, money, and negative environmental
impact at scale.Bill Hollman — Corporate Operations Manager, NEFCO

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