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Flip This Factory: Build Your Own Future-Proof Facility 

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Sign up for the new five-part webinar on how to fix up your factory so it’s maximized for profits, sustainability and employee morale. In short, here’s everything-you-need-to-know to become an Industry 4.0 ‘Production Health Pro’ – complete with certification. 


Knowledge Is Power, The Future Is Now

It’s clear that AI- and IoT-driven technologies give manufacturers the competitive edge. But what’s the foundation on which you begin? How do you navigate the unforeseen and maintain the flow? How do you inspire everyone involved to get under the same roof?  

In our increasingly complex world, everyone’s happier with actionable insights – having clear and manageable tasks and knowing why you are doing them. And this was the motivation behind developing this five-part webinar series: to give a full overview on how to build a future-proof factory. 

Naturally, we involved manufacturing leaders with a proven track record in flipping their own factories – across their full portfolio. But each monthly webisode also comes with learning outcomes and actionable takeaways, so you can start implementing immediately. After all, why wait if you can start now?

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Below, we explain the underlying motivation – the Why? – behind each webinar episode. And once you’ve completed all five webisodes, you will be certified as a “Production Health Pro”.  

Update Your Maintenance Approach With Machine Health

Over 40% of manufacturers experience unplanned downtime on a weekly or monthly basis, according to a recent Plant Services report. And this is happening while “the problem is actually already solved,” as one industry leader puts it. 

Hence, the first webisode begins with your new mission: ‘Design Your Own Downtime’. By optimizing your assets with accurate and prescriptive AI, you will be able to empower your workers to solve a problem before it becomes a problem. In the process, you will not only meet production targets, you will also boost the bottom line, worker safety and company morale.

But yes, there are a lot of supposed Machine Health solutions out there. So we’ll also be providing you with a cheatsheet of questions to ask when you shop around – and don’t forget to  look under the hood!

In other words, this is another problem that’s already solved.

Is Your Supply Chain Dragging You Down?

Long before becoming a household term, “supply chain” was always an ongoing issue for manufacturers. And with today’s spiralling inflation and lead times, it’s only getting worse. Many companies are overstocking parts they might never actually need – while taking up space and money better spent elsewhere. Hence, the title of the Webisode #2: ‘Does Your Spare Parts Closet Bring You Joy?

In short, any AI- and IoT-powered asset care solution should be able to predict the actual inventory you will need. In other words, this is another problem that’s already solved.  

Shining A Light On Your Factory’s Shadows

It’s estimated 10-20% of an average factory’s capacity remains untapped – that a whole “shadow factory” is waiting to be unleashed. And it’s not only unplanned downtime that’s holding you back. By improving equipment and process inefficiencies, you will be able to further boost your production – along with your margins and revenue. 

In Webisode #3, ‘Planning for More Output’, we show you how to take the time you now save from no longer having to constantly fight fires as a result of unplanned downtime, and use it to uncover equipment inefficiencies and outdated processes. As a result, you will also boost safety and quality compliance. And always remember this double win: ‘sustainability goals can align with production goals’. 

We’ve yet to meet a manufacturer who doesn’t want to reduce waste, loss, and emissions while increasing throughput, quality control and yield.

Reduce Loss, Waste and Emissions

There’s actually multiple wins to be had. For instance, we’ve yet to meet a manufacturer who doesn’t want to reduce waste, loss, and emissions while increasing throughput, quality control and yield. And that’s what Webisode #4 is all about: ‘Building Less Wasteful, More Sustainable Production’ where data-driven decision-making takes the front seat.

Using the insights derived from AI and IoT, you can not only reduce waste and scrap, but also dynamically balance your business targets with your sustainability goals and workforce capabilities

Upskilling Your People – Transforming The Way They Work

And indeed, we saved the best for last: Webisode #5 is entitled ‘A New Way of Working’ and it’s about how you create an empowered and engaged workforce. After all, any tech is useless if it isn’t being used. And certainly, when it comes to change, it’s less about machines and processes and more about people. 

Hence, we cover how you can implement change management and bring everyone along for the ride. Yes, revenue is important. But here you can also create a more fulfilling workplace – and retain and attract talent in the process. And with a happy workforce being a more productive workforce, the bottom line will also win.

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