Halo Wireless Platform

Augury’s Halo protects your most critical assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our continuous diagnostics will alert you with detailed malfunction analysis at the first sign of any developing issue. Even the slightest changes to a machine’s health status are carefully monitored, diagnosed, and relayed to you as straightforward, actionable insights.

Real-time Advanced Diagnostics

Halo combines advanced sensor technology with artificially intelligent algorithms to alert and advise you of any mechanical malfunctions at their earliest stage.

Cutting Edge Sensor Fusion

Wireless Halo sensors monitor your critical assets capturing vibration, temperature and magnetic data.

Artificial Intelligence

Asset recordings are sent to Augury’s secure cloud where machine learning algorithms diagnose and translate them into powerful insights.

Diagnostic Reports and Repair Suggestions

Real-time alerts and reports are sent to you and can be viewed on Augury’s web and mobile applications. These reports provide an in-depth view of machine health, developing issues, and suggested maintenance practices. In short, when alerted you’ll know what’s wrong, possible causes, and how to fix them.

Powerful Analyst Platform

Augury’s Analyst platform provides advanced features that enable vibration analysts to thoroughly assess and review asset conditions and visualize recording data. Our user-friendly view was designed to streamline the workflow of predictive maintenance experts.

Sensor Fusion and Vibration Analysis

Go above and beyond vibration analysis with insightful asset metadata, condition assessments, and reporting capabilities by incorporating surface temperature and magnetic field data.

Ease of Use

Intuitive controls and functions designed for and by experienced reliability experts

Dive Deeper

Review raw recording data and confirm the automated health diagnosis of any of your assets


"Augury’s Halo system is substantially more helpful than previous systems we tried. Other systems gave a simplistic “red or green” warning, and my team had to constantly adjust vibration thresholds and respond to false alarms. With Augury, all we have to do is check the platform and we instantly know where we have problems. It gives our reliability and supply chain teams peace of mind."

Plant Manager International Beverage Producer

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